The UK government introduced new workplace pension laws in 2012, designed to tackle the country’s pensions deficit and help workers save enough money for their retirement. Pensions auto-enrolment was the most significant of these new legislative measures. 

At various staging dates, depending on the size of the organisation, employers are obliged to carry out pensions auto-enrolment for eligible jobholders into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and pay a minimum contribution rate for scheme members.

Are you struggling to get ready for automatic enrolment on time?

For organisations struggling to complete the necessary automatic enrolment administration on time, Equiniti can help.

Our auto-enrolment administration service, which won Product of the Year at the Pay & Benefits Awards 2012, is designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to the burden of coping with the one-off peak workload involved in preparing for pensions auto-enrolment. We can take on any or all stages of the process, enabling organisations to avoid having to recruit or train additional staff, whilst providing assurance that all of your administration will be completed in advance of your staging date and will meet legal requirements.

Ongoing auto-enrolment requirements

Equiniti’s outsourced auto-enrolment administration service ensures that employees are automatically enrolled in your qualifying pension scheme as they become eligible, for example, new starts, those who reach the minimum earnings threshold or workers who turn 22.

This service also covers the requirement to automatically re-enrol staff every three years.

Why should my organisation outsource pensions auto-enrolment administration?

  • Eliminates the need to find and train resources for a one-off peak activity
  • Alleviates the significant administrative burden
  • Guarantees compliance with legislation
  • Cost-effective – organisations can benefit from the economies of scale provided by outsourcing
  • Ability to set high service level agreements
  • Allows management the time to focus on core business activities

Why should I outsource auto-enrolment administration to Equiniti?

  • Our auto-enrolment administration solution was awarded Product of the Year at the Pay & Benefits Awards 2012
  • We are HR and payroll experts – we process over £2.7 billion in payroll payments per year and are highly experienced in audit and compliance
  • The service delivers maximum automation, improving efficiency, accuracy and timeliness
  • Our costs are highly competitive thanks to the economies of scale we can offer