How do you make the most of your Christmas party? What should be a straightforward social occasion could be potentially damaging to your career and that of your colleagues. Our five tips shpould help you stay clear of the pitfalls and have a good time.

1. Do show up

A colleague who doesn’t show up is a bit of a let-down, especially if they have spent the last few months talking up their inclination to party.  Anyone in a position of responsibility should especially avoid being a no-show, unless you want your team to think you don’t really care about letting them down.

2. Don’t overstep the mark

Wherever the mark is, don’t overstep it. With alcohol flowing jokes could have a tendency to become less PC, flirtation can border on harassment and confidences can become ill-advised. It’s great if you can relax with your colleagues but remember not to say or do anything you don’t want them, or the HR department, to remember in the morning.

3. Don’t be cliquey

We all have our little workplace silos and it’s only natural that we gravitate towards people we know in social situations but don’t leave people standing on their own. It’s not conducive to good teambuilding.

4. Don’t dress inappropriately

If there’s a dress code then stick do it and don’t be afraid to ask other colleagues what they are going to be wearing. A Santa outfit at a black tie dinner might seem a good idea at the time but it probably isn’t. And you really don’t want to be remembered as the girl in *that* dress, do you?

5. Don’t gossip

You probably spend the rest of the year trying to be the soul of discretion, so why go out of your way to set tongues wagging at the Christmas party? Gossiping of a personal nature is never good for your career nor the target of your indiscretion, so just don’t do it!

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