Registered Providers face many challenges, not least from dramatic shifts in the legislative framework they have to operate within.

Changes to Grant Awards, Universal Credit, not to mention the removal of the spare room subsidy and right to buy provide a challenging working environment. Yet, high performance must be delivered if organisations are to thrive.

Effective HR is not easy. Whether we are talking performance management, talent & reward through diversity & equality to the joys of employment law, HR is a complex area requiring careful, accurate administration to support skilled management practices.  

Even a seemingly small change such as the abolition of Employer NI for under 21 year olds can add a level of complexity that does not aid the smooth running of the business.

Once systems are accurate enough to handle the tax and overtime complexities across permanent, temporary, full and part-time workers, delivering the adding value becomes achievable.

PeopleAX from Equiniti allows just that:

  • Delivers fully date-effective payroll
  • Aggregates NIC and maintain separate entitlements
  • Manages complex/multiple Terms and Conditions
  • Streamlines administration with rules based payments
  • Maintains accurate up to the minute record of entitlements
  • Integrates with financial software
  • Allows job role restricted access for improved security
  • Enables split costing across departments for accurate reporting                                         

Equiniti has a passion for making complex things simple. As the only Microsoft-certified HR and payroll software provider in the UK, we serve over 1600 clients from 28 locations, handling over £92 billion in payments annually.

We have long dealt with Housing Associations and count some leading practitioners amongst our clients:

We are in a position streamline internal processes to such an extent, that we can impact staff turnover rates, employee satisfaction levels and ultimately both the cost of doing business and organisational performance.

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