Equiniti offers a range of software modules that complement and add value to NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) software.

Known as NHS People+, our modules makes life easier for NHS HR and payroll departments and helps Trusts achieve their CIP targets.

Time and Attendance

Period Data Capture (PDC) allows employees to record enhanced and overtime hours, on call and call-out hours, sickness, leave and payroll comments. The module removes the administration of paper submissions and allows managers to authorise payroll information relating to their staff electronically.


The eExpenses module enables staff to automatically calculate mileage claims and electronically record and submit their expenses for approval by management. eExpenses eliminates errors and duplication and ensures that accurate claims are submitted so employees do not face delayed or incorrect payments. In addition, management can analyse and audit employee expense claims with ease.


The eForms module allows front line managers to electronically request changes to their staff employment contracts with speed and ease. It eliminates the need to complete and submit a paper form, speeding up the change request process and also safeguarding the security of the data. The request can be efficiently processed and a response issued without a complex paper-based procedure. Electronic capture enhances traceability and security of data and reduces the risk of inaccurate records.

Workforce Planning

Our workforce planning tool is a powerful data analysis module, reporting and information delivery system which identifies trends and provides quality information for taking key decisions. Data from a variety of finance, staff bank and HR sources is integrated into a single report, enabling Trust management to respond rapidly to questions and issues, make better informed decisions, and keep track of their progress without waiting for technical staff to create bespoke reports.

Further Information

To find out more about how our NHS payroll software could help your Trust add value to NHS ESR download our brochure or contact our NHS team on 02890 454166 or email enquiries@equinitipayroll.co.uk.