Equiniti’s NHS auto-enrolment solution is helping Trusts effectively implement auto-enrolment and handle the complexities of the process that are unique to the NHS.

The requirements around auto-enrolment in the NHS mean that Trusts experience a one-off peak workload around their staging dates, as well as ongoing monitoring and management.

However, the cost of recruiting and training additional resources to cope with auto-enrolment may be prohibitive for Trusts that are already under pressure to reduce costs. 

Equiniti is helping Trusts to alleviate the burden of NHS auto-enrolment whilst delivering efficiency savings.

Our solution consists of both software and an administration service. It is flexible, allowing Trusts to hand over whichever process(es) they wish, and retain others in-house to suit their requirements. Alternatively, we can take on the whole auto-enrolment process.

How is Equiniti’s NHS auto-enrolment solution benefitting Trusts?

  • No increase in administration required to manage auto-enrolment
  • No associated recruitment or training costs
  • Assurance of legal compliance
  • Flexible options
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • All UK-based service from a trusted provider of NHS HR and payroll

Further Information

To find out more about NHS auto-enrolment, please download our product card or email enquiries@equinitipayroll.co.uk