Equiniti's electronic document management system offers an online alternative to the storage and management of paper documents and records.

EDRM delivers a range of key benefits for NHS Trusts, including:

  • The saving of space otherwise needed for storage
  • Use of a central application to manage all documents
  • Elimination of duplicate or redundant records
  • Faster access to all records, regardless of the location of the user
  • Full back up for all records
  • Ability to plan for growth or add to the records retained without compromising security or ease of use
  • Data protection compliance assistance

Further Information

For more information on our document management system please download our NHS EDRM product card or email enquiries@equinitipayroll.co.uk.

Document Scanning Services

Equiniti also offer a range of document scanning solutions to assist NHS trusts move over to a document management system or simply free up space. By outsourcing scanning you will benefit from our extensive experience and resources and secure a document scanning solution that works for you. Our scanning solutions come as one of three different services.

Bulk scanning operations

This involves scanning an extensive backlog of hardcopy material into an electronic format to ensure that documents are easily searched and retrieved.

EDRM Scanning software solution

We can include an application interface with sophisticated search and retrieval capabilities that allows you to regularly access documents that may be required every day and by numerous individuals across your organisation. This solution can be further enhanced to include workflow solutions, indexing and classification, and highly developed reporting and audit trails.


Our imaging software solution can scan, index, annotate, retrieve and print data from any source. It also includes intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which converts scanned images to text without the need for mundane and repetitive data entry by a user.

Further Information

For more information on our document scanning solutions download our Document Scanning Services product card or email enquiries@equinitipayroll.co.uk.